How to Welcome an Istanbul Vip Escort in Your Room

Are you excited to meet your hot and horny Istanbul vip escort beauty tomorrow? Hey, that’s just awesome. Turkish escorts are angels on earth and you are sure to have a gala time. But while she will be coming up with her best to please, you should also do some basic preparations on your own to welcome her. The success of a date depends on mutual effort and here are the tips for you.

For istanbul vip escort make sure to keep your room clean and tidy. There should not be any kind of funky odor inside. Get a fresh towel & clean toiletries inside the bathroom. She may need to take shower before or after the service. You may offer her food and drinks if she is okay with. But ask about such refreshments beforehand.

Take a shower and clean yourself. Shave or trim your beard, trim your nails, dab some fresh cologne and put on a cool tee or shirt. Once you see time approaching, call her up to help with directions. If you are looking Istanbul vip escort girls, just call me!